Everard Lewis

A network of qualified coaches with unlimited love and passion for the game. Our goal is to inspire as many kids as possible to continue playing soccer through all levels by imparting our love and knowledge of the game. Phenoms Soccer has designed a proved portfolio of drills and exercises focusing on technical skills and ball mastery. Our challenging and creative coaching style creates a fun atmosphere where kids are excited to play and learn while not being afraid of making mistakes.

Phenoms Soccer believes that teaching young players the technical skills of the game at an early age, stressing repetition, identifying and correcting bad habits early prepares them for success at any level of the game they choose to pursue.

We believe when a young player can Receive, Control and Pass a soccer ball properly and confidently their enjoyment of the game is greatly enhanced. This allows players to have more opportunities for touches during games and practices. Our goal is to increase their love for the game and their desire to continue playing and developing as soccer players. This will prepare them for the more challenging  tactical and physical components of the game.

Email: phenoms@comcast.net
Phone: 609.802.3352